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About Dr. Pedro Quesada

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Dr Pedro Quesada is an Oral Surgeon who received dental education in Cuba in the 90’s and later in the United States at Nova Southeastern University. During his time at nova Dr Quesada spent two years of advanced education using his surgical background, he decided not to limit his spam of practice as a surgeon but as a general dentist to accomplish one of his main goals; to provide excellent comprehensive dental care. It’s in this institution where he also acknowledged that special needs patients are undertreated.

While working as an associate in South Florida, Dr Quesada realized that a majority of his patients could not afford dental treatment either because of lack of insurance coverage, economical restraints, or due to poor comprehensive dental education. These were strong reasons to master the overall skills in general dentistry and covering a broad span of practice in all specialties. At Dr Quesada’s offices he offers every type of dental treatment from the simplest restorative, to extensive surgical procedures with the sole purpose of providing complete dental rehabilitation.

Dr Quesada is a workaholic and professionally addicted to spending time with his patients, but he also has a passion; spending quality time with his family. Dr Quesada is married to Yanet Calero, also a doctor from Cuba who is fulfilling her dream of becoming a dentist in the United States. He also has two boys, Ian Pablo and Nathan Quesada.

profile dr quesada

Dr Quesada is a well respected professional and loved by his peers and patients. One of his professional satisfactions is to provide complete recovery of dental health to his patients who do not need to be referred out of his offices. What really differences Dr Quesada from other dental practitioners is expressed in his slogan; Making Top Quality Dentistry Affordable”. This is demonstrated every day while practicing where outstanding holistic practicing is combined with affordable prices. Finding exceptional dental care with an affordable approach is difficult so we invite you to get to know our amazing practitioner and his five star staff. You will come as a patient and leave as a part of our family.

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